Our main office is located in downtown Mount Vernon in the old Telephone Building, around back. We have an office share in Everett that allows us to meet with clients there, but our only staffed location is in Mount Vernon. If you would like to meet with us in Everett, please call and ask for an appointment there.


Directions to Mount Vernon Office

Take exit 226 from I-5 (Kincaid Street) and follow Kincaid west to the second traffic light, the intersection of Kincaid and 3rd Street. Turn right and go north on 3rd street for two blocks; turn left onto Gates Street, which is a one-way street toward the west. You will immediately turn left into the parking lot there, which is behind the telephone building, and park anywhere alongside the building or in the County’s 1-Hour lot. (Don’t park in the Sheriff’s parking!) Our office has big, mirrored glass windows, and a sign on the door at the top of some stairs and a ramp. Come on in and have a seat on our big, comfy couch.


Directions to Everett Office

Our Everett share space is on Oakes Avenue. Please contact us to request the address and directions.